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Established in 2020 by Miranda, it was started with a passion for helping people feel good about their health, body and wanting to make the gym a fun desirable place. When the pandemic started and gyms were closed nationwide her life has completely changed. Especially as an Aerial dancer, she found it challenging to continue dancing, and conditioning without the studio. Thankfully with the innovation of her studio offering online classes, and her dedication to her fitness she was able to turn her room into her own gym. By doing so she also helped pass all the healthy qualities of fitness to her kids, while having lots of fun. Miranda finally decided to render her love for at home gym equipment, and high quality fitness apparel into a shop which that lead to the creation of Hello Miss Fit.


At Hello Miss Fit, We value our clients and care about their fitness. We want to help our clients understand that working out at home does not mean you need a treadmill, or a bike etc. You can use elastic bands, ab rollers, thigh trainers, jump ropes etc. and get outstanding results when it comes to your body goals, and fitness. You also do not need a big area, or a gym membership Miranda started in her apartment. There are so many ways to stay on your fitness journey or start a new fitness routine. We hope that providing a convenient shop that puts in all together for you we will make a difference in your life.


At Hello Miss Fit, our mission is to customize your online shopping for your health and fitness goals in a personal way. By offering a wide range of products for everyone. We want to make sure you find what you were looking for, and other fitness equipment/apparel you never realized you needed. The first step to getting into your workout mindset is getting dressed, we strive to provide you a wide selection of top-notch apparel for your fitness needs, as well as apparel to help you show off your hard work and feel good outside the gym. We get excited to offer you these carefully picked products and low prices, and we hope you get excited about your fitness. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure your products get to you in time and in excellent condition.

Our passion for meeting your needs ensures the easiest process to purchase with our service going beyond weekdays. We’re here for you 24/7.

Make sure to contact us and thank you for visiting our website!

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